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  • Do you make custom designs? How it works?
    Yes! Beside my ready to ship items, samples and existing designs I also make custom designs. I try to offer a wide range of styles, materials and budgets. My custom goddess and fantasy costumes go from 1600 to 3500 euros and my bridal gowns start from 2500 euros to 6000 I also can design and look for materials with a budget in mind inside that range if the customer has a specific budget. This is how it works: First of all I discuss with my customer all the details of the dress of her dreams: color, style, shape, what event is for...when I know all this details I offer a sketches and fabric chart service that has a 100 euros deposit cost (this is later deducted from the final price of the design). This service includes 1 or 2 sketches and a materials selection. If the project don´t have a specific budget every sketch has a attached budget. Once the customer has chosen the sketch and materials he/she likes the most I can begin to work in the design. To begin 30% of the total price of the costume must be covered to begin to buy the materials (this deposit is non refundable) The rest of the payment could be splited if needed. I make a custom pattern for each customer with the customer measurements to make sure the design perfectly fits her. Once the design is finished I always send pics of the final piece to the customer and if everything is ok it´s ready to ship. All orders must be fully paid before shipping. Please bare in mind I have very limited spots for custom orders, I need to be contacted with at least 3 months in advance and I recommend to contact 6 to 8 months in advance for custom orders. For shipping I use express shipping companies that deliver safely and quick worldwide. I can also offer an extra insurance service if the customer request it.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes, I´m based in Spain but my customers are all over the world. Many of my orders come from USA, Canadá, Australia, Japan... All my orders are carefully packed in a box to avoid any damage. I ship with DHL or UPS and always provide a tracking number. The parcels are usually delivered within a week worldwide once the order is shipped. Shipping is usually included for international (out of the European Union) orders in the final price but I am not responsible of any duties and taxes that the country of destination may charge. Buyer is responsible of any duties or taxes their country of residence could apply and their country policies about duties and taxes for international orders.
  • How long takes to make a custom order?
    I handmade every design with lot of care and attention so most of my designs (except for the ones listed as "ready to ship" there is a processing time. For custom orders it depends a lot on the complexity of the design and time of the year (processing times are usually longer on summer or halloween) but I recommend to contact me with 6 months in advance and not less than 3 months for a custom order as I have limited spots. When you place your order please let me know if you need it for a specific date so I can make sure you receive it on time. After the processing time I use express shipping companies so it usually takes a week or even less to your order to be delivered.
  • Do you make wedding dresses?
    Yes! I love to make custom wedding gowns. However I have very lmited spots. If you want a wedding dress made by me I recommend to contact from 1 year to 6 months before the wedding. I don´t take custom wedding orders with less than 6 months in advance. Contact me with your wedding date to see if I have free spots
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, I offer to split payments on all orders over 500$, if you want a custom listing to split payments of an item don´t hesitate to contact.
  • Can I cancel/return/exchange an order?
    Sorry, all sales are final, please if you have any doubt message me before making your purchase. Only ready to ship items can be returned or exchanged. Shipping cost fees are customer´s responsability and are non refundable. When the shipping is included in the price you will be refunded deducting the shipping costs (an invoice from the shipping company could be provided to show the shipping costs) Custom made orders can´t be cancelled or returned. Deposit are also non refundable as they are intended to time dedicated to the sketches, fabrics research and to buy the fabrics of your dress as well as hold your spot. I am a small bussiness and my spots are limited. However if you have any issue with your order don´t hesitate to contact me, I offer an excelent customer service and always try my best to make sure my customers are satisfied.
  • Does the prices of the articles include VAT?
    My bussiness is located in Spain. If you are a buyer from Spain or the European Union VAT will be included in your purchase when you add the item to the shopping cart. If you are a buyer out of the European Union you won´t be charged with VAT when you purchase on my website but customs on your country could charge taxes or duties. For USA customers there is usually no additional taxes for purchases under 800$. I always can help to try to calculate taxes for international customers but buyers are responsible of any duties or taxes their country may apply. If you have any other question about taxes or want me to help to calculte them please don´t hesitate to contact.
  • Can you mark my order as gift?
    I can send your order beautifully packed if is a gift for someone else. I also offer gift cards. However I can´t mark it as gift or not include an invoice when it´s an international order as this information is required by customs.
  • How can I contact you?
    You can contact me through the form on my website, through email, or at the address Plaza San Sebastián 8 4H 44001 Teruel, Spain
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