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- A selection of my designs are available to rent woldwide, the rental price is specified in each gown and varies from 100 to 150 euros + shipping.

-Shipping would vary from one country to another but is usually from 20 to 50 euros one way depending on your location. Dress could be returned with your chosen shipping company or through the shipping company I use DHL, that delivers worldwide in less than a week.

To return the dress you could use another shipping company of your choice or I can schedule the return of the parcel with DHL.

In case you want to choose another shipping company I require a tracking number and insured parcel

- The dresses could be rented for shootings and films but not for events.

- A deposit of 50 euros would be requiered to cover any damage the dress could suffer, if the dress is returned in the same condition it was sent I will return the deposit as soon as it ´s back.

- Fill the form below to request the rental of one of the available dresses letting me know the date you need it (I will make sure the dress is delivered to you a couple of days before the shooting/film date), after is delivered to you you have 6 days to shoot and send back the



Thank you for your message!

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